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Thorburn Law Group represents the cannabis industry in most aspects of the law. We offer a full suite of legal services to entities of all types and sizes that work within or alongside the regulated cannabis industry, and have over 30 years experience in what we do. We have working relationships with many state and federal representatives. We have taken our vast knowledge and have applied it within the cannabis sphere for the past 10 years, helping to pave the way for the industry. 



We offer a full suite of legal services to entities of all types and sizes that work within or alongside the regulated cannabis industry. If you are considering hiring an attorney for your cannabis business needs, we suggest reading through our practice areas listed here that will answer common questions you may have about the process. 

We provide representation throughout the audit process, from inception to completion. We represent clients in federal and state audits, including but not limited to: 280E, income, sales and use, occupational privilege, and personal property tax.

We provide litigation representation in all areas cannabis, including but not limited to: tax defense, land use and zoning disputes, construction disputes, contract disputes, licensing issues, and regulatory disputes. 

Our representation includes but is not limited to: the special use permit or other entitlements process, ensuring compliance with local zoning ordinances, and  working with local regulators and planners to ensure that the business overcomes any land use or zoning obstacles that may arise.  

We represent clients from the beginning phases of construction up through the conclusion of a project

We provide both transactional and litigation real estate representation, including contract and regulatory issues. 

Our Litigation Practice

We are the leader in the most innovative and sophisticated cannabis litigation in the nation, and we have had several published opinions. We have received national recognition as leading litigators for the cannabis industry's highest profile cases -  and have recognized significant wins for the industry along the way.

We have caught the attention of the Supreme Court of the United States. Most notably, Justice Clarence Thomas issued a statement in our firm's Standing Akimbo v. United States case. The statement can be seen as a warning to the federal government to lay off of state legal cannabis. You can view this case along with our other published cannabis cases HERE. 

(Published) - Argued on a writ of mandamus, in front of now Justice Neil Gorsuch. Justice Gorsuch’s opinion in Feinberg has been described as a “technical loss but an artful win for the cannabis industry.”

(Published) - Addressing the question of whether state expressly legal marijuana laws are preempted by the federal Controlled Substances Act, as well as whether 26 U.S.C. §280E violates the Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution by taxing more than constitutional income.

(Published) - The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals determined that costs of goods sold is a constitutionally mandated exclusion from business income for which Congress cannot interfere. 

(Published) - Arguing whether the IRS has the authority to administratively determine that a taxpayer has trafficked in a controlled substance, without a previous conviction.

(Published) Overruling previous case law that and holding that full rather than abbreviated summary judgment standards apply to federal tax summons proceedings

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