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In Colorado, there have been issues with cannabis construction. One issue is that many contractors are not familiar with the unique needs of cannabis construction, which can lead to problems. For example, cannabis construction requires special ventilation and lighting systems to control the environment inside the grow facility. If these systems are not installed correctly, it can cause problems with the plants. Another issue is that some local governments have not yet created regulations specifically for cannabis construction, so there are no clear guidelines for contractors to follow. This can create confusion and delays in the construction process.

Additionally, in Colorado, the construction of cannabis dispensaries is subject to strict regulation. All new construction must be approved by the state before it can begin. This approval process can be lengthy and costly, often delaying the opening of new dispensaries. In addition, dispensary owners must adhere to strict security requirements, which can also add to the cost of construction.

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Our attorneys represent clients from the beginning phases of construction up through the conclusion of a project, providing efficient and capable legal service. We provide representation in the following areas: 

  • Multi-party construction litigation, involving contract interpretation, warranty obligations, design liability, project delays and disruptions, mechanic liens, and surety bonds. 

  • Working with state regulators to ensure the company meets its requirements and is able to maintain its license.

  • Working with general contractors, subcontractors, engineers, developers, owners and other construction professionals to advise them regarding the formulation, negotiation and administration of construction contract documents.

  • Advice about risk management so that our clients can avoid disputes.

  • Drafting and negotiating project contracts for every project delivery method

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