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You can find answers to frequently asked questions about the cannabis industry below. 

  • How can I start my own cannabis law firm?
    You can find answers to your questions about starting a cannabis business in our blog. We offer free consultations, and you can reach us at (303) 646-3482 for help with any other legal questions you might have.
  • What are the cannabis laws in Colorado?
    The Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.) are the codified general and permanent statutes of the Colorado General Assembly. The Colorado Marijuana Code is comprised of Title 44, Article 10, Sections 101 et. seq. (44*-10-101 et. seq. C.R.S.). If you wish to access an electronic copy of the C.R.S. the following link will redirect you to the LexisNexis website where you may view the statutes free of charge. For a general summary of Colorado's cannabis laws, you may visit this page. Administration and oversight of marijuana businesses in Colorado are conducted by several state agencies. Information on the various agency roles, as well as their rules, can be found on the Colorado Cannabis website.
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