Cannabis Litigation 

     You have worked extremely hard to make your business successful. Now, something threatens to dismantle it. You attempt to work it out but there just seems to be no solution. Going to court may resolve this. 

     Cannabis businesses are prone to hiccups in many of the following areas: regulatory enforcement, federal intervention, taxes, contracts, real property, employment, business operations, intellectual property, and finances. These businesses may highly benefit from hiring attorneys who are extremely experienced in cannabis law to litigate their rights for them. 

     Our attorneys truly care about our clients and do not view you as just another billable hour. We are aware of how emotionally taxing these issues can be, and go above and beyond to ensure that you are taken care of. 


     In addition, we are the leader in the most innovative and sophisticated cannabis litigation in the nation, and we have had several published opinions. We have received national recognition as leading litigators for the cannabis industry's highest profile cases -  and have recognized significant wins for the industry along the way.

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