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Zoning and Land Use Issues 

Strict zoning laws have been implemented for marijuana facilities by the state and the city as part of the assurances given to Colorado voters. Under them, marijuana businesses are not allowed to set up in residential or mixed-use neighborhoods, near schools or childcare centers. Marijuana dispensaries are constantly being sued for being a "nuisance". 

As a result, it is important for dispensary owners to ensure that they are on a parcel of land that is zoned correctly for its desired use. Otherwise, there are steep consequences. 

How We Can Help 

Our firm provides assistance to help ensure that all codes are met before real estate is purchased and/or leased and to also help dispensary owners come into compliance if they have been contacted by the state.  If the parcel is not in compliance with state and local zoning codes, we work with state regulators to ensure that the parcel comes into compliance. This may be as simple as reviewing regulations, or may be as complicated as going through the special use process, including various applications, working with state agencies and going through the hearing process.